2020 was a year that impacted everyone differently. When the quarantine was announced, the world changed in an instant.

Many small businesses were shut down, including my own. Being home every day was a constant reminder of all the projects that had been put on the back-burner. I knew we weren’t the only ones. I had already been doing a fair amount of selling online, so I decided to do the opposite of most people would recommend: Spend my free time going all-in on eBay.

Erika and I had the opportunity to rent a small warehouse and that is where it all began. I started to buy liquidated home improvement items by the truckload, but many of the items we received on that first load were simply too large to sell on eBay. The solution was obvious… sell locally with Facebook Marketplace.

Today, we purchase several truckloads every week with a heavy focus on home improvement. We have already outgrown our 2nd warehouse and recently added a true retail location with better parking!

We have an amazing team that inspects thousands of items every week. Together, we are constantly improving our testing procedures. Every item that comes through the warehouse is checked for defects. While we can miss things during the inspection process, we stand behind the products and offer a generous 30 day return policy.

We really focus on customer service so that everyone who steps inside feels like they are part of something special.

Our basic process goes something like this: 

  • Buy random truckloads of liquidated products from big box stores.
  • Inspect the thousands of items in those truckloads and test them all.
  • Repair what we are able to.
  • Dispose of the unusable items.
  • Finally we price it 40-70% below retail price.

Many people have spent countless hours stuck in their homes and are now wanting to renovate or
remodel their living space. With an abundance of YouTube videos and tutorials available, a lot
of people are doing the work themselves. They just needed to find the right home improvement
goods at the best possible price.

Despite the rising cost of living, our customers have been able to update fixtures and tackle projects while saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars! 

Sheboygan’s discount warehouse aims to be different than the big retail chains. Our mission is to help people and give back to OUR community. We are fortunate to have great customers and it is amazing to see how the positivity is spreading. After a rough couple years, I know we can all be excited to see what the future holds!

Sheboygan Discount Warehouse Founder